Complete Website Solutions

All packages come with a professional website review/consultation, basic website setup and creation, editor training (if applicable), and project completion meeting, in addition to the features below:

Best Deal (Save 40%)
Full-featured Web design and marketing solution for business website success

  • 10 pages/features
  • highly customized website template
  • 1 promotional account setup (email newsletters, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • 2 social media account setups (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • up to 2 major revisions
  • website editor training
  • 1 month free email support

Sweet Spot (Save 30%)
Professional website with
promotional features

  • 6 pages/features
  • website customization
  • 1 social media account setup
  • up to 2 major revisions
  • website editor training
  • 2 weeks free email support

Get Online (Save 20%)
Small starter website

  • 3 pages/features
  • minimal customization
  • 1 social media account
  • 1 major revision
  • basic editing training

Rates are in addition to third-party fees such as domain registration, hosting and website templates. Website setup generally includes either the WordPress or Concrete5 content management system, or a basic non-client-editable template. Consultations and hourly support are available in person (with limitations), or by telephone, email, or online text chat.



Ongoing Web Marketing and Updates

Building a website and not promoting it is as good as a billboard in a basement. Get the word out on your site, from search engines to newsletters, interact with customers using Facebook and other social media, and see your business thrive on the Web.


Save 30%

  • Monthly: 10 hours
  • Weekly: 2½ hours
  • Additional: hourly

Send newsletters, post to social media, update your site, or meet other Web needs with a solid website maintenance and marketing solution for your online success.


Save 20%

  • Monthly: 5 hours
  • Weekly: 2¼ hours
  • Additional: hourly

Promote your website every week, add new content, or do some of each using this mid-level service.


Save 10%

  • Monthly: 2 hours
  • Weekly: ½ hour
  • Additional: hourly

Keep your website fresh with small updates as you need them.









Website Transfer
Transfer your current website to a new domain, host, or location, hosted by Hostgator, Startlogic, or GoDaddy. Alternative vendors and other factors may require an additional charge.

  • domain/hosting transfer
  • email setup (not transfer)
  • basic website transfer
  • minimal editing
  • extra charge for all additional services

Email Newsletter Startup

plus third-party fees; free/trial accounts usually available

Rate for Constant Contact or Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP). Additional charge for other services.

  • mailing list account setup
  • email address list import (automatic)
  • 1 newsletter template/issue (client-supplied content)
  • 1 hour editor training

Social Media Startup

  • account setup (Facebook,. Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr)
  • 3 text/photo/video posts (client-supplied)
  • posting automation setup (as available)
  • 1 hour social media training

Search Engine Startup

  • site registration on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Google Analytics setup
  • weekly automated site traffic report setup
  • 2 hours keyword research/training
  • keyword insertion (optimization extra)

Page Features (1 hour each)

  • 2 graphic designs (excludes logo)
  • 5 social media posts
  • newsletter template/issue
  • PayPal ordering page setup
  • custom website traffic report
  • 400 words text (client-supplied)
  • photo gallery/slideshow (20 client-supplied photos)
  • Web/contact form (up to 15 fields)
  • flipper (5 client-supplied graphics)
  • social media/RSS feed widget
  • 5 audio/video items (client-supplied)
  • other (as agreed)


Ongoing Services (charged per hour)

Web design and promotion rates are hourly, with bulk discounts. Please contact me with a detailed description of your project and I’ll send you an estimate promptly. Thanks!

  • search engine keyword research/optimization
  • social media management (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr)
  • Google/Facebook PPC advertising management (ad budget extra)
  • custom maintenance/programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
  • copywriting/blogging (client-supplied references/sources)
  • website reporting management (Google Analytics)
  • phone support (free limited email support)
  • other (as agreed)


Miscellaneous (variable)

  • Travel: Travel charge waived for one in-person meeting if within 50 miles of Terre Haute, Indiana, with any package above or equivalent services. Other travel is charged the hourly rate plus expenses. Meetings are one hour unless agreed.
  • third-party charges for graphics, templates, plugins, online services, and other assets
  • required use of unfamiliar services/vendors, such as alternative website systems (hourly if major time increase)
  • all non-standard tasks
  • other expenses/charges


AWGentry reserves the right to change prices and services at any time, either for individual clients or overall rates. (Get a hold of me and I may give you a discount!)

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